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So Thankful

The atmosphere at Audubon Fertility is extremely welcoming. Dr. Wells and all the staff put me at ease from the beginning and were helpful every step of the way, from the initial consultation to the IUI to the follow-up ultrasounds. Choosing Audubon Fertility was the best decision I made. I’m expecting a baby boy in June.

S. Casey

Great Experience

I am so fortunate to have a little daughter today because of the phenomenal staff at Audubon Fertility. From Dr. Wells to all the nurses and staff it was such a pleasant experience each step of the way. Audubon was also very accommodating and flexible scheduling appointments, which was very beneficial for me due to my travel. I have nothing but fond memories of this place and am truly blessed for the entire staff that has made this ‘process’ easy.


Such an amazing experience

Words cannot express how thankful we are for everything Dr. Wells and Audubon Fertility did for us. They helped make something so incredibly stressful and overwhelming into such a pleasant experience. Every single person on staff was very kind and caring. Dr. Wells was extremely knowledgeable and thorough and did everything in her power to make each cycle work (we were with them through 4 cycles). I can’t say enough great things about our experience and have recommended them to any friend needing fertility treatments. I’m currently watching my 6 week old baby sleep, and I am so grateful for everything Audubon Fertility did to make this possible!

Stephanie and Jordan Montz

The physicians and staff at Audubon Fertility Clinic are highly skilled and compassionate. I refer my patients with fertility or GYN endocrine disorders to Audubon Fertility Clinic.

Dr. Veronica Gillispie
MD OBGYN / Ochsner Clinic Foundation

Audubon fertility is an extraordinary facility

Audubon fertility is an extraordinary facility. When you walk in, you notice the building is new and up with technology, the staff is friendly and professional. When you meet the doctor you know you have found the right place! I felt like the whole experience was catered to me. I felt like their top priority was to help me get pregnant. I felt supported and like I was with family. We did IVF and a frozen Embryo cycle which resulted in my current pregnancy! The IVF facility is also top notch. I loved my experience there so much, that i miss seeing everyone. I will forever have them in my hearts and to thank for my miracle. <3

Niki Newhouse

Can’t put into words

After taking two weeks thinking about what words can express how great Dr. Wells and her staff were, I realized that there is nothing I can say to express how truly amazing they were. From the time we walked in for our first consultation Dr. Wells and her staff made us feel at home and cared for. They were available on weekends and holidays to answer our questions and reassure us. We walked out two weeks ago pregnant with our first child. I could not imagine going through this emotional rollercoaster at any place other than Audubon Fertility. They are truly exceptional, caring people that will do everything in their power to make your experience great and successful. From the bottom of mine and my wife’s heart,thanks again to everyone that was involved in our process, we will be back to try for number 2 in a few years!!!

Adam and Julie B.

My Experience with Audubon Fertility was amazing

My experience with Audubon Fertility was amazing. The staff was knowledgeable and compassionate. They were always available to answer questions, and took time explaining things. I had three failed IUIs, then proceeded to IVF and conceived on the first attempt. We welcomed a beautiful baby boy into our family 3/13/14. 7lbs 11oz, 19in. He’s perfect! Thank you again to Dr. Wells and Audubon Fertility.

Meghan Impastato

Wonderful Experience

I have to start by saying I was one of the “lucky” ones- I didn’t have to take any drugs or go through any fertility treatments to get pregnant. I was convinced I wasn’t ovulating because I would take the tests every month for a week when I was “supposed” to be ovulating, and they were always negative. I made an appointment w/ Dr. Wells and after seeing on my ultrasound that I was about to ovulating, told me to continue taking the tests (even though it was a week after I was supposed to ovulate. Sure enough, I got a positive test, and continued to get positive tests for the next 3 months until I became pregnant. If it was not for Audubon Fertility, I never would’ve known to take the ovulation tests 3 weeks into my cycle. They made me realize not everyone ovulates halfway through their cycle, some of us are a little behind. Dr. Wells and the entire staff at Audubon Fertility are so kind and helpful and I would highly recommend it to anyone having fertility issues, no matter how small you think they may be. Sometimes it just takes a little education.

M. Rainold

My husband and I sought help conceiving our second child at Audubon. Because of his busy work schedule I attended almost all appointments alone or with our 2-3 yr old. Initially this made me really nervous, but the staff were so sweet and accommodating, both helping with her and helping me feel ok about the fact that he wasn’t able to be there so much of the time. There was a great balance of appreciating where we were at/what we perceived to be our limits and being pragmatic about what was likely to be needful. In the end we went a step further than what we initially planned- it took a while to be willing to and they were so patient, but we succeeded in getting pregnant with an IUI and I’m due to deliver our second healthy baby girl just in time for Thanksgiving.


Laura Kloehn Spoo

Me & my partner been trying for the longest and still no result. Then our OB GYN Dr. Gregory Morris referred us to Audubon Fertility. Our 1st visit is kind a stressful with money all because I have to do a surgery 1st because my f.tube is blocked. But then we start saving and all and got the money we need so we come back and go see Dr. Lindsey Wells again and decided to go with all the procedure. I was kinda glad that the whole procedure is not real frustrating matter of fact I feel positive and excited. I could say the only worst feeling is the egg retrieval with all the cramps. We couldn’t thank you enough to Dr. Lindsey Wells and all the nurse who takes care of me, they were so amazing they never treat you as just a patient but a family. And we was so blessed that the 1st try is successful, I am 11weeks pregnant now and we can start building our family and looking forward to have another one soon. Praying & hoping that all the women who went over there will have a successful IVF as well! Thank you all and God bless!

Eulaly L

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