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At Audubon Fertility, Dr. Lindsay Wells stands firmly behind each and every IVF cycle she performs, as well as her high pregnancy success rates. Therefore, Dr. Wells offers a Financial Assurance Plan that is very different from that of other centers. Dr. Wells provides exceptional value to her patients by sharing the risk with a free second fresh IVF cycle offer.*

If you do not become pregnant during the first fresh IVF cycle and/or any subsequent frozen embryo transfer cycles (FET’s), then your second fresh IVF cycle (and all subsequent fresh IVF cycles**) is FREE of Dr. Lindsay Wells’ physician fees.*

She will continue with this process until you are pregnant — our ultimate goal together!

  • This program excludes patients with insurance coverage for IVF. It is for cash pay patients only.

* Patient is still responsible for anesthesia, laboratory, and medications.

** For the subsequent cycles, this Assurance Plan only applies for the same type of IVF treatment.

** Dr. Wells’ Financial Assurance Plan is not applicable on Embryo Adoption.

** PGD/PGS Patients

  • If a patient’s PGS report reflects no normal embryos, they will qualify for this Assurance Plan.
  • If a patient has a normal embryo report and they elect to do another IVF cycle without having a transfer they will not qualify for this Assurance Plan.

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